Preserving memories before moving on: Karen Morneau Photography, Serving Fairfield, CT

Today marks a day of mixed emotions.  I will say goodbye to one of my dearest friends.  I am happy for them in this new journey they are about to take but I am sad and will miss them greatly.  Our children brought us together but we made the choice to foster a deep friendship.  Over the years we have seen each others children grow from babies to teenagers.  We have celebrated holidays, birthday and vacationed together.

A few weeks ago I was grateful to spend some time with them in their home before the boxes were packed up.  This is the home where they brought two babies home from the hospital, where the babies started sleeping through the night, where their children took their first steps, a first tooth was lost in this home, all the boys learned to cradle a lacrosse stick and kick a soccer ball in this yard, where they learned to ride a bike (until I ran it over!) and of course where many trips to the emergency room initiated!!  They saw more changes in this home than they will in any other house they will live in.

I wanted to capture each of the children in their rooms so we could preserve the memory of a place they love so much.  There will be many sad goodbyes over the next few days but with true friends you never really say goodbye…just until we see you again.  Wishing my dear friends all the best…