Family Beach Portraits: Karen Morneau Photography, Serving Fairfield, CT

Today I head off on vacation with my family to a place very special to us, Nantucket. Sure, many people go there and for good reason – it really is one of the most beautiful, serene places on earth. Every year I seek to document my family in this special place. In order to do this I hire a professional photographer because it is important to me that I be in the pictures. Over the years some of my favorite pictures are from Nantucket – my husband throwing our daughter in the air at Steps Beach, my daughter helping her little brother learn to walk on Madeket Beach and of course one of my all time favorites is a silhouette of my 3 kids walking into the sunset. All of the pictures bring back memories of different times in our life and it makes me realize how fast that time goes by and how quickly the kids grow up.

Pictures at the beach are special. Of course getting some nice posed shots is great but where the true personalities shine through on the beach is when kids get to do what they love best…playing in the sand and water!

I have been fortunate this summer to photograph many families at various beaches! And as I head off to my all time favorite beach I will be meeting up with friends and clients to capture their families in the place that is also memorable to them. I had many people reach out to me and ask if I would be willing to photograph their family even though I am on vacation. It didn’t take me long to answer….of course I would be honored to. I realize how precious and priceless the pictures will be to them. I don’t really think of it as working on vacation. When you love what you do it never feels like work , even when you are on vacation!

So, if you are in Nantucket this week keep an eye out for me, you just might find me at the Juice Bar with my kids, watching the sun set on Madeket, snapping pictures of a family at Steps Beach or even getting my own photos taken in Sconset! And if you are not in Nantucket but looking for pictures on your vacation I am happy to travel! Or if there is a beach close by that is special to you I would love to photograph your family there!

Enjoy the last week of summer and don’t forget your camera along the way!