Bump to Baby – {Fairfield, CT Maternity and Newborn Photographer}


Capturing a mother’s growing belly in a maternity session and then meeting the baby a few weeks later at the newborn session is one of my favorite combinations of photo sessions. I was pregnant four times and gave birth to three children. I know how special and fragile this time can be in life. It’s a time of joy and feelings of nervousness all at the same time. But, it is a time that deserves to be captured. Once the baby arrives it’s amazing how quickly you appreciate the miraculous transformation of our body in pregnancy.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know my clients. At the maternity session it is wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other before the newborn session. I feel an instant bond with my clients when I get them to embrace the change in their body and realize it is only a matter of time before the baby arrives and whether they believe it or not they will miss reaching down at their round belly.

Weeks after the maternity session, I wait in anticipation of hearing the news of the baby’s arrival. Some arrive early, some on time and lately I am finding more arrive late!! But regardless of when the baby makes their grand appearance it is one I look forward to because I know within a week or so they will be with me at the newborn session capturing all the wonderful moments of a babies first few weeks of life! No matter how many babies I photograph I still analyze each one in awe of the tiny fingers, toes, little button noses and even cute dimples! I could just cuddle them all day….even if it means a little mess along the way!

Because I believe so greatly in the power of my relationship with clients I strongly encourage a maternity session and newborn session be booked together through my Bump to Baby discounted combined sessions. I really place a high value on getting to know the parents-to-be before the baby arrives and I would love it if every newborn client did a maternity session before the baby arrives!

Here is one of my recent favorites! I could not be happier for this client. Through our sessions I came to know them and I know this baby was well worth the wait, a blessing and a gift they will treasure forever. I am just grateful they invited me into their life to capture this special time.










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