High School Seniors


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I really look forward to High School Senior portrait sessions.  Most often it is just the high school senior and myself.  I love spending time with them and getting to know them.  Having a teenager myself, I can relate to this age group and know what they have been through to get to this important time in their life.

High school seniors have so much going on when I am interacting with them, from college applications to sports to clubs to classes!  I start all of my sessions by asking them to just take a deep breath, I know they have a lot going on and our time together for their session is a time to take a break and just focus on them.  I am amazed at how mature this age group is and I enjoy so much hearing about their plans for the future.

What I love about High School Senior sessions is that most of the time they want to be there.  They want the pictures to be great and will do whatever I ask of them!  To me, lighting is the most important part of any session but really essential in my High School Senior sessions.  For the girls, I love to use backlighting and really place them in the most flattering and gorgeous light!


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