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Photographing children can be the most rewarding session!  There is nothing better then interacting with a child and getting the most natural response!  The best compliment I receive from a client is “you captured them at their happiest”!

When I am photographing children I give it 110 percent of my time and energy!  Photographing children requires patience and enthusiasm all in one!  I always make sure to get to their level and talk with them for a few minutes before bringing out my camera.  I like to find something to connect with them before letting them see my camera.  I often shoot with a tripod because it allows me to have a hand free to interact with the children by throwing a ball, tossing a stuffed animal in the air and just allows me a bit more freedom to be silly! I surely do not have a great voice but it still manages to get the kids to smile when I belt out the latest Disney tune!  And every session ends with a reward for the children….and they remember it year after year!

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