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I was so excited when this beautiful client emailed me to let me know she was expecting again and was interested in a maternity session to capture her baby bump as well as a newborn session! She was the perfect client for my Bump to Baby package as I am finding so many expecting parents looking to capture the moments before and after baby arrives!

First, I could not have asked for a more stunning Mom to Be! She is simply gorgeous…one of those pregnant women you see and just wonder how it is possible to look so amazing with a baby in the belly! Second, her two year old son could not be more adorable and since I have already photographed him several times there was no time needed to get him to warm up to my camera! Third, we had the most spectacular days for our two shoots…I’ll get to that next!

I love when a client has a vision and I am happy for them to share it with me! This second time mom-to-be was hoping for some maternity portraits in the snow!  Well, normally in January in Connecticut that should not be a problem….except this year we seemed to have very little snow! So, because we did not want to wait too long in fear or her delivering before the session we decided to go ahead with outdoor portraits without the snow. We had the most beautiful, sunny, winter day! It was not terribly cold and the sunset and light was nothing short of spectacular! And the bonus was within a few days of our session there was snow in the forecast! I told her, “let’s make a last minute call on the session when we KNOW we have snow”! So we did….late one afternoon as the snowflakes were winding down we headed out to one of my favorite hidden gem locations and we captured some magical maternity snow portraits!

Here’s the BUMP….now we are still wating on the BABY!Gown from Kobieta Clothing – http://www.shopkobieta.comGown from Sew Trendy

As a newborn photographer, some of my favorite sessions are the ones where I am back photographing the big sister/big brother with a new baby! The time goes so fast and it seems I was just there photographing the last newborn who is now 2 years old! I just love watching families grow!

I was so excited when I heard from this sweet Darien family that they would be expecting again….their 3rd baby (or shall I say 4th child counting the first furry one!)! Our first newborn session was so great 2 years ago when they welcomed a boy very early but healthy! I already knew big sister would be as amazing and easy as she was last time!

I spent about two hours at the family’s beautiful Darien home at their in home newborn session.  There was so much love for this baby, with Dad home, grandparents visiting from Texas and of course big sister and big brother….and furry sibling too!  The newest family member could not have been more perfect. He let out a few peeps here and there but embraced all the excitement and activity. And in return we were able to capture priceless moments with their baby for this special family!
Take a look…and chances are he’s already changed so much!

Beautiful new mama!

Sisters make the best friends!

Baby smiles!

A few months back, a photographer I greatly admire shared a video which really struck me. I have held onto it for months and watched it at least a hundred times. Each time I watch it there is a greater impact on me and I have related to it on many different levels. As the New Year is off to a start and resolutions are in full swing I have come back to this looked to this video in thinking how I want 2016 to be for me. Take a moment now and watch, and you may want to grab a tissue before hitting play…

How did this make you feel? If you are like me it left me teary eyed and speechless. This video impacted me in so many ways because I could relate to it on different levels as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and working mom….and wow, we really are someone to so many different people.

We are all given this life to live, and it is precious. The time we have is precious and we struggle daily to make the most of our time and often wish there was more of it. I know, I deal with it every day as a working mom with 3 busy kids, a husband, family and friends.

I just finished my busiest season to date in my photography business.   I love what I do, so it is easy to get caught up in it and forget to make time for the things that are important. I know we all struggle with this, whether you work or not. Even when I didn’t work I still found it hard to manage my time effectively.  There is this constant struggle to be perfect in our society.  Maybe we should make “being present” the new perfection?

We all know you can’t bring back time. What is important is when you reflect on the time you have been given you find that you are living it to the fullest.  I know I don’t want to look back years from now and have regrets. Life is sometimes too short and sometimes not kind so live every day to be the best it can be.

We all have to “let it go” at some point in our lives.  Recently I have needed to remind myself and others around me that sometimes you have to “let it go” even though it is hard.  Whether it be sending your last child off to kindergarten, a teenager growing in to an adult or just someone in your life who is not bringing out the best in you. It is okay to “let it go” because the most important thing in life is “being” – present, kind to others, and living with no regrets.

My purpose of this post is a reminder that each day is a gift and it should not be taken for granted.  Take the time to be with your family, friends and the ones you love and enjoy the moment…let everything else go and just be….and when you are ready I will be waiting, camera in hand, to capture your moments!

All the best,


Here is one of my favorites of my family letting go…



Celebrating 2 years and Much Happiness

As I celebrate 2 years to this day of starting my business, I decided to share my journey getting to where I am today. I get asked all the time, “how did you decide to start a photography business”…hmm, that’s a long answer and I love telling my story. I hope you can take a few minutes to read what led me to where I am today and let me know if YOU think I am right!

 “Money Can’t Buy you Happiness.”

I must have heard it a thousand times….the saying “Money can’t buy you happiness.”Really? It never made sense to me, that saying…because it seemed all those things my parents paid for made me pretty happy. Unfortunately, as I grew older those things became more expensive (or maybe my taste just became more expensive!) and I was the one paying for them.

I realized early on in my career search that it would be in best interest to pursue a career which could afford the lifestyle I would want to live and ultimately make me happy. I was lucky, I found a great job in New York City right out of college. I was in my 20’s and single, living in New York City. I lived in a nice apartment and made enough money to buy the things I liked and also travel.

Fast forward eleven years… I was married, living in Connecticut, I had a 3 year old and another on the way and still working that same job I had out of college. I had so much to be happy about. However, I was burnt out. I commuted 1 hour, 30 minutes each way to New York City from Connecticut. It was exhausting. I missed my little girl and the time away from her. I was pregnant, sick all the time and just barely keeping my head above water. But I needed this job, we had bought a new house, planned vacations, needed to save for college. All of these aspirations were built on the income from our two salaries. Why was the money I was making and affording us to live a wonderful lifestyle not making me happy?

After the arrival of my second child I was forced to make a decision about my career. Was it worth continuing to be unhappy in a job that was literally draining the life out of me or should we cut back our lifestyle and find a way to live on one salary. Well, circumstances beyond my control made that decision for me. My baby boy was sick and in and out of the hospital two times in the first 10 weeks of life. It was life changing for me, realizing how precious life is and each moment we live. I tried to go back to work and made it 2 weeks. But at the end of the day there was no amount of money worth taking me away from my children and most importantly my baby who needed “me” to be there for him at doctor’s appointments.  I was scared…terrified as a matter of fact. I am a “worker”, always was, and fiercely independent. The thought of not having a job and my income scared me to death.

Nine years later, now with 3 children and having taken much needed time away from work I knew I needed to do something. First and foremost, we had given up my income for nine years and we needed a second income again. I knew if I wanted to I could probably go back to my old job and work back to my nice, comfortable salary. But, I also knew in my heart that it was not for me anymore.

I decided if I was going to work again it was going to be doing something I enjoy so it would make me happy. I started to think about things I enjoy and how I could make a career out of them. There were many things I came to love while staying home with my children – cooking, baking, planning parties, taking pictures, making scrapbooks for my kids. I explored many of these options and came to realize it was a career photography which could provide me the opportunity to do something I loved, make my own schedule and still be there for my family.

It’s not been easy starting a company from scratch. As a matter of fact, it has been the hardest thing I have ever done. In your own business it is you and only you. I had to build a brand, website, learn much needed skills, build a studio, client base, market my business and keep it! I have worked more hours in these past 24 months then I ever worked in my life.

I did not become a photographer expecting to make a huge salary. It takes a lot of work and business skills to make a career in photography profitable. Most people start a photography business because it is a passion and because it makes them happy, just like I did, not because it is going to make them a fortune.

If you’ve made it this far, I am sure you are dying to know….so, are you happy Karen? YES…the answer is YES, I could not be happier. My best days are the ones when I have a photo shoot. It “makes” my day when someone stops me in the grocery store and tells me how happy my photos make them. Or when a one year old comes into my studio to celebrate their first birthday and they smile and are excited to see me. When just weeks before I photographed a mom-to-be and then she is in my studio with her new baby for a newborn shoot. I enter people’s lives at some of the happiest times and I know what I do brings them joy.

What I have come to realize through this journey is that happiness cannot be bought.   Material things, vacations, etc..provide temporary happiness but it is doing what you love that makes you happy for a lifetime!  Yes, I have come to understand the saying “Money Doesn’t buy you Happiness” and it only took me 44 years to figure it out!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and celebrate with me!


Today I head off on vacation with my family to a place very special to us, Nantucket. Sure, many people go there and for good reason – it really is one of the most beautiful, serene places on earth. Every year I seek to document my family in this special place. In order to do this I hire a professional photographer because it is important to me that I be in the pictures. Over the years some of my favorite pictures are from Nantucket – my husband throwing our daughter in the air at Steps Beach, my daughter helping her little brother learn to walk on Madeket Beach and of course one of my all time favorites is a silhouette of my 3 kids walking into the sunset. All of the pictures bring back memories of different times in our life and it makes me realize how fast that time goes by and how quickly the kids grow up.

Pictures at the beach are special. Of course getting some nice posed shots is great but where the true personalities shine through on the beach is when kids get to do what they love best…playing in the sand and water!

I have been fortunate this summer to photograph many families at various beaches! And as I head off to my all time favorite beach I will be meeting up with friends and clients to capture their families in the place that is also memorable to them. I had many people reach out to me and ask if I would be willing to photograph their family even though I am on vacation. It didn’t take me long to answer….of course I would be honored to. I realize how precious and priceless the pictures will be to them. I don’t really think of it as working on vacation. When you love what you do it never feels like work , even when you are on vacation!

So, if you are in Nantucket this week keep an eye out for me, you just might find me at the Juice Bar with my kids, watching the sun set on Madeket, snapping pictures of a family at Steps Beach or even getting my own photos taken in Sconset! And if you are not in Nantucket but looking for pictures on your vacation I am happy to travel! Or if there is a beach close by that is special to you I would love to photograph your family there!

Enjoy the last week of summer and don’t forget your camera along the way!