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As a newborn photographer, some of my favorite sessions are the ones where I am back photographing the big sister/big brother with a new baby! The time goes so fast and it seems I was just there photographing the last newborn who is now 2 years old! I just love watching families grow!

I was so excited when I heard from this sweet Darien family that they would be expecting again….their 3rd baby (or shall I say 4th child counting the first furry one!)! Our first newborn session was so great 2 years ago when they welcomed a boy very early but healthy! I already knew big sister would be as amazing and easy as she was last time!

I spent about two hours at the family’s beautiful Darien home at their in home newborn session.  There was so much love for this baby, with Dad home, grandparents visiting from Texas and of course big sister and big brother….and furry sibling too!  The newest family member could not have been more perfect. He let out a few peeps here and there but embraced all the excitement and activity. And in return we were able to capture priceless moments with their baby for this special family!
Take a look…and chances are he’s already changed so much!

Beautiful new mama!

Sisters make the best friends!

Baby smiles!

8 Months of Pure Happiness


 I ask myself this every time a Baby Club member comes to the studio….”how can it be that they are back so quickly?”! It seems like just yesterday I did this little guy’s newborn session….and I must add he was the cutest newborn ever…and now he’s back here for his second Baby Club session!

I love when mom and dad both come into the studio for the fun! And this time mom had a super cute idea of capturing Baby A with his and her converse sneakers! On top of that I just could not get enough of the cute little man outfits….he is such a little man! I can just picture him when he is 20 years old!!!

Only a few weeks from now I will be welcoming this sweet family back into the studio for his First Birthday Session…the last one of the Baby Club. It will be great fun and I know I will be sad as always when it’s over but I am sure I will see them again!!! In the meantime I am looking forward to the BIG day!!!

Check out Baby A at 8 months old!

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Capturing a mother’s growing belly in a maternity session and then meeting the baby a few weeks later at the newborn session is one of my favorite combinations of photo sessions. I was pregnant four times and gave birth to three children. I know how special and fragile this time can be in life. It’s a time of joy and feelings of nervousness all at the same time. But, it is a time that deserves to be captured. Once the baby arrives it’s amazing how quickly you appreciate the miraculous transformation of our body in pregnancy.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know my clients. At the maternity session it is wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other before the newborn session. I feel an instant bond with my clients when I get them to embrace the change in their body and realize it is only a matter of time before the baby arrives and whether they believe it or not they will miss reaching down at their round belly.

Weeks after the maternity session, I wait in anticipation of hearing the news of the baby’s arrival. Some arrive early, some on time and lately I am finding more arrive late!! But regardless of when the baby makes their grand appearance it is one I look forward to because I know within a week or so they will be with me at the newborn session capturing all the wonderful moments of a babies first few weeks of life! No matter how many babies I photograph I still analyze each one in awe of the tiny fingers, toes, little button noses and even cute dimples! I could just cuddle them all day….even if it means a little mess along the way!

Because I believe so greatly in the power of my relationship with clients I strongly encourage a maternity session and newborn session be booked together through my Bump to Baby discounted combined sessions. I really place a high value on getting to know the parents-to-be before the baby arrives and I would love it if every newborn client did a maternity session before the baby arrives!

Here is one of my recent favorites! I could not be happier for this client. Through our sessions I came to know them and I know this baby was well worth the wait, a blessing and a gift they will treasure forever. I am just grateful they invited me into their life to capture this special time.










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I would not have expected anything less from this adorable Watch Me Grow baby member! She has been a dream for the year I have known her – from her easy newborn session to her 4 month, 8 month and now 1st Birthday Cake Smash session! I have loved watching her change so much this past year!

Of course she arrived in the most adorable dress for her portraits (yes, that is prior to the cake smash)! Baby E was all smiles…she even tried very hard to smile AND eat cake!!! She loved every bite right down to her toes…as a matter of fact she even tried to eat the icing off her toes!!!

But seriously, I mean this, the first year goes by so fast…in the blink of an eye. The first birthday marks a big celebration! The celebration of life…of coming through the first year and all of the changes! It deserves to be captured and I can say I always enjoy it, sometimes I laugh so hard it brings tears to my eyes watching a baby dig into the cake!

I couldn’t do my sessions without the amazing cakes from my dear friend Angela Bowes of Cakes by Angela. She is one of the “sweetest” people I know!!! Thank you Angela for all you do to make my first birthday babies happy!!

Watch it unfold here…Baby E…Happy 1st Birthday and many more! I have loved watching you grow this past year!!!



I think 2016 is going to be a great year! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the year then with this amazing in home newborn session. Baby S was a perfect angel from the moment I arrived! At three days old, she barely let out a peep!

I love when have first time parents who just seem so at ease, like they have been parent for years. That was the case for this beautiful couple with their newborn baby girl. Everything was simple and fun with lots of laughs throughout the session! And of course, with a beautiful home, light, baby, mom and dad and the end result is a collection of newborn pictures which will be treasured forever!

I am adding something new this year….video clips of my favorites from my sessions!

Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures and video as much as I enjoyed creating them!!